Teenager Anxiety Attacks Symptoms

Teenager Anxiety Attacks Symptoms
Teenager Anxiety Attacks Symptoms 
Like adults , young people suffer from daily stress and anxiety. But as some adults , anxiety can reach such levels that anxiety attacks can be triggered . Teen anxiety attacks occur for the same reason that the attacks occur adults , the symptoms are the same. Here you will learn why anxiety attacks among young people arrive to watch for the symptoms and treatment .

What are the symptoms of anxiety ?

For the victims of an attack of anxiety ( adult or adolescent ) , the symptoms are really frightening. In general, the symptoms of anxiety (panic ) attacks things like , tightness in the chest / neck , nausea , dizziness, trembling / shaking , hyperventilation , shortness of breath , tingling fingers , hot flashes / cold, sweating , heart palpitations , a feeling of detachment from reality and a feeling of something impending / a feeling that you are dying disaster etc.

Note that some of these symptoms can also be signs of other things , so you should always ask your doctor for a proper diagnosis . For the purposes of this article we will assume that we are dealing with real anxiety attacks.

What are the causes of panic attacks in adolescents ?

First, we consider a person ( teenager or adult ) with normal levels of daily stress and anxiety. If such a person is faced with the usual stressful events of modern life, it can be usually treated without major problems , since the combination can be achieved from the stressful event early in their normal daily stress and anxiety levels are not critical thresholds .

However, if someone with already high levels of anxiety is facing similar stressors , these stressful events , when at the head of the project has general anxiety levels after this critical level. The type of stressful events , especially among young people who can do things like , study for exams, go on a date , breaking up with a boyfriend or girlfriend , problems at home , problems, school / college sports competitions , speaking on the stage, etc.

When the tips of the general anxiety level above the critical value , the unconscious body of this evil will "peak" in the stress and anxiety as a sign that the person is in some sort of physical danger . When this happens, the body and mind are mode on a "fight or flight " . This is a primitive reaction that the body uses to protect itself in times of danger .

But of course there is no physical danger , is all that happens is that the unconscious " read " the culmination of fear is to do as one and acted as it is programmed , decision to fight or flight mode. In this mode, certain chemical and physical reactions are triggered that you either fight your way out of trouble or lead to safety.

And since you're not aware of any physical danger ( because there is none ) and start experiencing these chemical and physical changes , the symptoms you described as unwanted and unexpected as above , namely a panic attack.

Anxiety Treatment Options

The first-line treatment usually takes the form of herbal medicinal drugs like sedatives , antidepressants, and / or beta - blockers. They are used to control and manage the chemical reactions in the brain to relieve the symptoms of anxiety and panic attacks. This may work well for some people , but they have some terrible side effects ranging from diarrhea to addiction. That's why more and more patients are completely natural with treatments .

Some doctors also recommend non-drug therapies such as psychotherapy, counseling , support groups and self-help remedies such as meditation , self-hypnosis , yoga, acupuncture itself. Other remedies include things like herbal treatments , massage , controlled breathing exercises , good nutrition , daily exercise , relaxation exercises , aromatherapy and much more.

These all tend to help you "deal" with your health and medications to treat the symptoms. But they all lack one important thing ...

Fear of anxiety attacks - anxiety and Beat Beat It

Who suffer from anxiety attacks young people - in fact , anyone who suffers - fear (consciously or unconsciously ) to have another . This is normal, because the symptoms are so scary. But this fear is based on fear already amplified so that the general anxiety levels to increase even more. And as we may have seen a normal everyday event above then just throw it in a fight or flight response that triggers a panic attack.

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