Anxiety Attack Symptoms and Stress Responses

Anxiety Attack Symptoms and Stress Responses
Anxiety Attack Symptoms and Stress Responses
There are three types of symptoms of anxiety and stress responses :

The symptoms and body changes

psychological changes

Changes in behavior

The stress response is caused both by the real or imagined threat , for example , if you have a phobia of cats , then you can be worried when you see a real cat , or even when you are on the TV screen , and the answer will be the same in all conditions .

In the case of social anxiety disorder in which the individual is afraid to speak in public would feel the same fear and panic was actually asked to make a speech at an event , he just thought it was necessary .
Children can suffer from separation anxiety , but not all anxiety attacks are related to a threat or a specific phobia , and are generally known as generalized anxiety disorder .
During an anxiety attack bodily responses that are likely to experience as high blood pressure , muscle tension , rapid breathing , sweating , shortness of breath , palpitations and digestive disturbances . This is the body's normal reaction to a challenge ( fight or flight ) and is ideal if you are about to participate in a sporting event , for without these physical changes , decreasing rather than loans for action, but an internal problem which is not the case .

Moreover , the psychological changes of anxiety affect how we think, feel and deal with stressful situations , and include irritability , moodiness and can even include a sense of well -being . These answers are great if your child is standing near the edge of a cliff and be able to take action to avoid an accident , but it is not appropriate for the office .

Changes in behavior are often forms of warning or exhaustion, and the reactions of life if you are in a dangerous situation . They can give you a burst of energy and strength you need to avoid a potential disaster .

The problem when we see these responses and are activated , and the anxiety attack symptoms is that our rational mind was canceled and we tend to see everything as a threat to our survival . This alertness that moves us in attack mode , thinking becomes distorted , exaggerated fear that we can be melodramatic about any comments .

When our fight or flight response is activated , there is an accumulation of stress hormones , which can lead to headaches , high blood pressure , irritable bowel syndrome , depression , chronic fatigue , lupus , rheumatoid arthritis and allergies .

Panic disorders and anxiety treatment can be relieved by drugs in the short term , but you should always keep in mind that you may experience side effects of anxiety medication , so you should consult your doctor .

The most effective method for the treatment of anxiety is cognitive behavioral therapy , which is working in the here and now , and assume that unpleasant emotions are closely related to certain beliefs or thoughts about yourself .

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