Anxiety Attacks Symptoms - What Happens During an Anxiety Attack

Anxiety Attacks Symptoms
Anxiety Attacks Symptoms
The symptoms of anxiety attacks are caused by a central source , or the nervous system . So you think you have all the same symptoms when they were in a state of fear . However, this is not the case. Although most people have similar symptoms , no two people are alike and therefore the symptoms that can occur with anxiety can often vary from person to person . "

Remember , fear is an overdose of nervousness , but there is always a case is based primarily on the nerves . So , logically , have a panic attack is the basis of a severe case of nerves . In other words , the
fear causes the heart to work more quickly than normal, sometimes very quickly. In some cases , the amount of tachycardia or palpitations reached medically known as tachycardia .

What is wrong with my heart ?

Run with a heart attack tachycardia at 200 beats per minute. If this is something you have to have it checked by a doctor . But often , especially during a panic attack tachycardia is a symptom of anxiety or just nerves and not the heart .

However , it is a common symptom , or at least a phenomenon of anxiety attacks that make the victim believe they are having a heart attack , stroke , or both . This is one reason why it is advisable to consult a doctor about these things . A doctor can check and make sure that your heart is in good shape . This knowledge is useful to overcome anxiety disorders , because you have one less thing to worry about.

Tricks of vision

There are very scary things on the Anxiety often causes dilate the pupils . Through it all is different , however . In a state of fear All seem to look blurry . Sometimes things close look away . Some people say that inanimate objects appear to float or even change!

When this happens , it brings a high level of anxiety if you do not know what happens . On the other hand, it is useful to know these visual tricks to pass a lot of people when they are panicking .

Remember that the symptoms you feel when you are anxious, is the result of adrenaline into the bloodstream . Adrenaline can cause physical symptoms very strange . If we are afraid of these feelings , more adrenaline . If this trend continues for a long time , a panic attack all follow . So do not forget to follow suit. Do not add more fear and anxiety of your results will come soon.

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